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Our floor mats are made of genuine leather and are handcrafted in Italy. The leather is tanned without chromium and has a particular finishing that is waterproof, stainproof and keeps dirt, salt sand and dust off the car mats.

Leather is not slick when it gets wet, so during the most dangerous driving conditions, rain and snow, your feet won’t slip and your mat stays firmly in place.

The floor mats design is a faithful reproduction of the original, including the fixing clip system.

The leather car mats will therefore fit perfectly in the cockpit of your car and will add a touch of style and sportsmanship that is unmatched.

The car mats are pleasant to touch and feel, and their special treatment assures an unsurpassed durability.

Our configurator will allow you to create your own design by selecting all the details of your new leather car mats and if you have any special requests, just let us know, we will be pleased to satisfy them.

Orders will be delivered within 15 working days (3 weeks).


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