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About Us

Our concept for leather

A natural product, leather, has been a part of our society since the dawn of mankind. Now, with our leather floor mats, we have created a solution to allow you to experience this ancient material in a completely new dimension: design, comfort and valuable material for your car accessories.

Our Innovating product

We have combined an innovative idea with our leather manufacturing know-how and developed a high quality product, revolutionary and extremely durable. The design and the color options allowed you to customize your floor mats in several choice to satisfy all customer preferences.

Our idea inspiration

The innovation of the genuine leather associated with the car mats was born from the desire to make more hygienic and easy to clean an area of the car otherwise destined to accumulate dirt and dust that the air conditioning and the heating system are continuously circulating in the passenger compartment.

Our comfort goal

Enjoy our leather car mats with simple and natural care! just need water and soap for cleaning, it is totally waterproof) and its resistance to dust which cannot penetrate it makes healthy the driving environment, greatly increasing the comfort.